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Helping people achieve acne-free skin in three to four months.

I help relieve the suffering and psychological toll acne has on individuals by getting to the root cause of their breakouts. Visit our comfortable acne spa in Austin, Texas.

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My work is focused on getting to the root cause of breakouts to eliminate the guesswork in treatment options. This saves you time and money while relieving the suffering and psychological toll that acne can take on a person. I provide safe and highly effective treatments from the comfort of my private acne spa. The acne spa treatments will clear your skin in three to four months, providing new confidence in your skin—maybe for the first time.

Healing Nature Skincare helps clients…

Understand the root cause of their acne

Remove frustration and guesswork on clearing acne

Be confident in their skin


The Skin Care Difference

I’m a performer who wears heavy make-up 3-4 times a week.  My skin was breaking out big time and was just sensitive to everything.  Lea not only gave me the products that helped calm it down and protect it but also laid out my routine in a way that felt doable. Also gave me tricks outside of the initial appointment and routine that would help with the swelling of some of the horrible acne areas.  She also checked in on me regularly after the first session to see how it was progressing and helped me stay on course!

—Stanley Roy

Lea at Healing Nature Skincare has changed my life. My acne started when I was a teenager, and by age 35, I was still breaking out. Huge cystic welts covered my neck and jawline, and I was desperate after trying every single treatment and pill out there to cure my adult acne. 

When I walked into Lea’s practice, she immediately put me at ease and gave me clear, practical instructions on how to take care of my skin with food and products that wouldn’t cause breakouts. Her acne program, a combination of coaching and treatments, has kept my skin clear for the first time in my life! I have been free from painful huge cystic acne for three years now and continue to see Lea for maintenance once in a while. The skincare products she recommends as part of her treatment are phenomenal and actually affordable, and I’ll never use anything other than what Lea recommends. I’ve finally found in Lea what I’ve been looking for all these years, trustworthy support and a solution that actually works for clear, healthy skin. Grateful for this life-changing acne-free lifestyle that she has gifted me.

— Gemma Goodson

Lea is passionate about skin, loves people, has a big heart, works hard, delivers amazing results and the best experience for her clients. Her skill set, professionalism, and enthusiasm make her one of the top people in her field. I have struggled with extremely confidence-killing acne since a young teen and have tried well over $10,000 worth of different products and professional treatments from countless professionals, and nothing ever worked. Most of the time, my acne would get worse. But Lea, with her healing hands, advanced training/knowledge, and dedication to her passion, have cleared my skin!!! The confidence I have now, after so many years struggling with acne, is life-changing! I have never had so many compliments on how great my skin looks. Not only is my acne clear.. but my skin is more radiant, healthy, and aging gracefully. It is truly incredible what she has done for me! If you are looking for someone to give you real results, RUN don’t walk to her treatment room!

— Lynn Fischer

Lea is literally my skin savior! For over 3 years, I have regularly seen Lea for facials and skin care products. As someone who struggles with acne-prone skin, there is no one I trust more than Lea to provide personalized and safe acne care. Not only is Lea extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her subject matter, but she radiates genuine care and empathy for her clients. She continues to expand her practice by incorporating new tools and techniques that have greatly benefited my overall experience and skin. She even makes herself available in-between sessions to help me check product ingredients and suggest healthy lifestyle improvements. I cannot recommend Lea enough for a truly one-of-a-kind skincare experience!

— Sarah Mangum

I have struggled with cystic acne since I was 13 and have tried just about every remedy out there: Accutane, antibiotics, topicals, you name it I’ve probably tried it. 

When I first started seeing Lea she was a diamond in the rough that was really able to identify some root problems that were causing me to break out. She was the first person that really dove into looking at the details of my lifestyle and what that meant for my skin. She went through my diet, hair products, daily routines, stressors, and much more. My acne has been a rollercoaster of emotions; though through it all Lea has always helped my cystic acne through peels, diet, and acne routine, and overall encouragement throughout the process. Right now my skin has been the healthiest and clearest it has been in a long time. Without Lea I don’t know where my journey with acne would be; I’m thankful for her knowledge to help me identify root causes which have not only been helpful for my skin but also my overall health.

— Lexi Reyes

Lea is wonderful! I have struggled with acne throughout my adult life - painful cystic acne. I was at my breaking point and then I met Lea in 2019. She educated me on what products to use and what foods to avoid that trigger acne. And, her extraction skills are stellar. My skin is finally clear and I owe it all to Lea. I even get compliments from people about my skin! I love her holistic vibe and I always look forward to my appointments! 

— Jamie Williams
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